Some facts you should know about advertising on the web : 

  • More than 30% of people viewing advertising, worldwide, are now doing it on the Internet 
  • The Internet offers advertisers the lowest cost per viewer of all available mediums, including television 
  • Internet usage has grown by more than 160% since the millennium 
  • 15% of the world’s population access the Internet on a regular basis, making it the planet’s largest marketplace 
  • The average time spent by a regular user on the Internet is now more than 26 hours per month 
  • The average Internet user visits more than 1,268 web pages per month 

       (Source: Nielsen Net Ratings) 



Some facts you should know about advertising on the Largest World Aviation Directory :

  •  Largest World Aviation Directory is unique and truly international aviation directory 
  • Advertising here is present and available 24/7, worldwide 
  • More people visit this place in a month than subscribe to the most popular aviation related magazine in the world 
  • Every business, organisation and individual advertiser has an opportunity to promote here their products services and ideas without spend a penny
  • Every business and organisation can be listed in multiple sections and categories
  • All entries on Largest World Aviation Directory, the world's number 1 aviation information site, for
  • companies organizations and indyvidual advertisers are for FREE




Business Directory Submission Rules :

  • Entries in Business Directory are allowed only for businesses and organizations with commercial activity
  • All entries are free
  • Only text entries are accepted
  • Multiple entries in multiple categories are allowed
  • Only entries in adequate categories will be accepted
  • Only aviation related businesses and organizations will be published
  • All entries are moderated and every entry will be reviewed by administrator
  • We will not publish any that are spam, under construction, offensive or not aviation related
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail when we activate your entry




Note :

All entries are moderated, so failure to understand and follow Business Directory Submission Rules generally will result in the rejection of a submission 

Please also see the Submission Rules of Links Index and Aviation Ads to see if you qualify to add additional entry over there

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