StingSport LSARecreational flying is the new craze of aspiring pilots and those pilots who are looking for a break from flying heavy aircraft. The planes used for fun flying are called Light Sport Aircrafts or LSAs. There are many people out there who want to fly just for the sheer thrill of the flying experience but cannot meet the rigorous physical training requirements for flying regular aircraft or do not want to take up flying as a profession. For those people, LSA has come as a boon. However to fly an LSA, these people have to first obtain Sport Pilot (SP) license. The SP certification takes about 20 hours and doesn’t cost more than $3500.

The LSA is a special aircraft having specific features like seating capacity of two, a maximum takeoff weight of 1320 pounds, a maximum stall speed of 45 knots, non-pressurized cockpit, single engine that is non-turbine, a fixed landing gear system and so on. LSAs are given FAA registration “N - number”. Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) is those LSAs meant for sale to the general public. Since this is emerging as a new sport, there are number of people looking to buy LSAs. One company from where you can procure LSA is SportairUSA. The company is the distributor for StingSport, Sirius airplanes and the amphibious aircraft SeaRay. The company is situated at Little Rock, Arizona. 

The LSA from the stable of SportairUSA is the StingSport. It meets all the requirements prescribed for qualifying as an LSA. The aircraft does not need assembling, as it is ready for flying when it is delivered at your doorstep. The StingSport has got a Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) certification on account of which new pilots can fly the plane safely. The StingSport can also be flown by private pilot certificate holders whose medical certification has lapsed. You can fly the StingSport if you have a driver’s license and a flight medical certificate. It can also be flown for those wanting credits for obtaining advanced certification. The StingSport from SportairUSA is fun to fly and is available for less than the cost of other such aircrafts in the market. The plane is easy to handle with light control touch and has power necessary for recreational flying. You will love flying the StingSport. 

Another product from SportairUSA is the Sirius that is basically a high-wing SLSA that is manufactured in the Czech Republic by TL-Ultralight. It is made from the carbon fiber materials used for StingSport. Rotx 912 engines will power the plane. Sirius has been designed for more space with 48” cabin and has room even for your golf clubs. At the AERO Friedrichshafen held in Europe in 2007, the Sirius got rave reviews.   

SeaRay is the amphibian aircraft distributed by SportairUSA. The plane can make 300 feet takeoffs and lands with absolute ease. It can make 50’ radius while flying at 35 mph turns without any problem. So if you are the kind who wants to fishing very often, then think of buying an amphibian airplane, think SeaRay. The plane is easy to fly and dependable. 

The other products distributed by SportairUSA are Woodcomp propellers and the GreenLineTM EMS, manufactured by I-K Technologies.   

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