paradise aircraft 6 miniThe P-1 Experimental Aircraft is manufactured by the Brazilian company Paradise Industria Aeronautica Ltda. This all-metal, aluminium-covered aircraft features a 4130 welded steel tube structure from the firewall till the tail. The P-1 is powered by a Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP engine and a 3-bladed propeller. It's MTOW is 1650 lbs, EW 815 and payload 835 lbs. It can carry pilot and passenger, full tank and 300+ lbs of cargo behind the seats. The P-1 is the smallest and lightest in the family of Paradise aircraft. Other versions include the 150 HP P-2S and the 4-seat P-4. Currently there are more than 72 Paradise P-1 flying in Brazil.

Paradise P-1 S-LSA   

The P-1 has been introduced into the USA as an S-LSA aircraft by Paradise USA LLC, based in Sebring, Florida. No modifications have been made to its basic structure. It cruises at 120 MPH burning 5.3 GPH. With its solid aluminium landing gear and efficient wing design, enabling an extremely low stall speed, it offers excellent take-off and landing performance, making it possible to operate from very short, paved and unpaved runways.

The standard P-1 LSA comes with a complete package including double deluxe yokes with PTT, VFR radio, standard 6-pack instrument panel, transponder with mode C encoder, a panel-mounted color GPS, vacuum horizon, manual elevator and rudder trim, manual flaps, sun shield, removable doors, parking brake and double toe brake, heavy duty hydraulic brakes, steerable nose wheel and aerodynamic wheel covers. Pilot and passenger comfort is guaranteed with adjustable and easily removable leather seats, a padded and carpeted interior, and optimum sound and heat insulation. With 18 cubic feet, the extremely useful baggage compartment behind the seats is the largest in this class of aircraft and can easily accommodate a couple of suitcases or golf bags.  

With a cabin width of 43.4 inches, the Paradise P-1 offers a great deal of comfort whether you are flying locally or on a cross-country trip. With its low fuel burn and 25 US gallon tank, this aircraft combines comfort and economy. Its low maintenance characteristics and simple but reliable design ensure that many spare parts can be acquired easily and locally, while Paradise USA LLC owns and operates a complete, 5000 sq ft maintenance base in Sebring offering you a fast and efficient service.

NOTE: Maximum Take off Weight (MTOW) for the LSA is 1,320 lbs.

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